Team '09: Neville Mars, Lucas Correa-Sevilla, Kafung Lau, Adrian Hornsby, Olivier Lacombe, Katie Li, Haijing Wen.

DCF summary and vision

The Dynamic City Foundation (动态城市基金会) is a Dutch-Chinese research and design institute based in Beijing and focused on sustainable architecture and urban planning. The DCF is know for a strong future orientated approach. The projects the DCF does have sustainability as its single binding factor, but range in scope and scale from furniture to buildings to city planning. In addition DCF is dedicated to in-depth urban research. The work is widely published and presented in lectures, the installations have featured in international art exhibitions around the world. The conceptual underpinning of the work is based on the notion of urban growth as essentially evolutionary and increasingly dynamic. This concept is described and published in the book on Chinese urbanized titled The Chinese Dream - a society under construction (010 Publishers, Rotterdam 2008, by Neville Mars, Adrian Hornsby). It maps the rapid transformations of China's urban landscape and investigates how designers can regain control over the increasingly organic process. The main research framework is China's objective to build 400 new cities by the year 2020. In a multidisciplinary team of sociologists, planners and designers the DCF has developed a catalog of design prototypes suitable for the increasingly market-driven conditions of China. This project aims to map this fast reality and offers alternative scenarios, or a slow dream for its future. The work is open source and available on this platform.

DCF has been invited by the Dutch Government to organize a multidisciplinary research project to be presented at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. The BARC project works with 5 Dutch and 5 Chinese renowned design firms to produce an integrated sustainable vision for the city of Caofeidian in Hebei. See

The findings and proposals of the [Urban China 2020] project presented on the platform complement the book The Chinese Dream - a society under construction (010 Publishers, July 2008) and form the foundations for ongoing online collaboration on the platform. For an illustrated introduction download a PDF of excerpted pages. All content on this domain is developed as open-source non-commercial information. Contributions from subscribers are welcomed and will be protected under the Creative Commons Licence.


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This is the beta-version of bURB; the online collaboration website designed to enable the knowledge workers of the Dynamic City Foundation to organize and publish their research. For functional details of this website see Help:Introduction.

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